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Asus Gforce GTX 1060 6 gb OC fan limit at 30%

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First post here.

I have an old Asus Geforce GTX 1060 6 gb OC and since I upgraded my computer to Ryzen 5 3600 the temps in my chassi is generally higher than my old setup. This make my GFX idle temp to be around 54-55 and that is when the fan starts to move. That is ok, but there seem to be a lower limit at 30% the fans spins. I mean the fans cant be set lower than 30%. Its either 30% or off. This makes my GFX fans to spin up to 30% for 3 seconds and then turns off 3 seconds constantly. Its very annoying to listen too.

My question is, is it the fans them self that have the speed limit or is it the GFX's bios that set this lower 30% speed limit.

If it is the fans this speed limit is set, I could by a couple of Noctua fans that does not have a lower speed limit.

Level 7
Many users they do careless selection of computer case, and the new one does not have enough space so the VGA card DC fans to be able to breath.

New VGA cards combining passive and acting cooling profiles.
Solution: 10 centimeter of clearance from any surface this is in-front of VGA DC fans.

I bought a Raijintek Morpheus II Heatpipe VGA Cooler and a pair of Noctua 120 fans and my gfx is now dead silent. Might ba a expensive solution but for me it was worth it.

GTX 1060 this is a hot chip (heat production) in comparison to GTX 1660, but either way the same principal apply in both, 10 centimeter of clearance from anything blocking the side of DC fans.

Most known issue the plate of the PSU it self, at cheap tiny PC cases.

There is not much cheap in my my computer except for my GFX. This is my computer. I also have 2 140 Noctua in the chassis front

The clearance you talk about means you need to put the GFX in the second PCI express slot and that is no option. There is a design flaw on motherboards or the GFX cooling if 10cm is needed. I blame the GFX cooling solution.

Either way, my problem is solved.