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ASUS Geforce GTX 780TI DC2 OC Edition - Fan's not working.Please Help!

Level 9
Hi !

I bought an ASUS GTX 780TI DC2 OC from a friend that had an aftermarket Accelero Hybrid cooler on it It's been running amazing for months now... Recently , After selling the aftermarket cooler off , I put the stock cooler back onto the card.

Booting up i noticed the fans aren't working on the unit , I double checked the fan headers to make sure they were plugged in and everything seemed alright.

I had a look with precisionX and it shows the fans working and the % usage on the fans change , but they don't spin on the card even under load... The card just heats up really quick and fans stay off.

I approached the vendor where the card was purchased from originally and they said the card was a year old , but cannot honour any warranty as the tamper screw on the backplate was "used" - obviously when the aftermarket cooler was put on by the previous owner.

Not really sure what else to check 😞 Any ideas welcome here !

Level 8
I love ASUS but they drop the ball with customer service on there GPU'S, I would contact Asus request a warranty. Go from there, I'll never buy there GPUS after the fans on both mine broke off!!!! NEVER!