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Asus 970 Strix OC fans. card vibration ?(sound inside)

Level 7

My second topic and unfortunately also with a problem(first one was buzzing under load which I learn to tolerate). So I decided to check out how loud fans are at higher speeds and I found something pretty bad, some kind of vibration when fans are spinning, its present even on lowest speeds but rest of pc fans are kind of hiding it but from around 40% of fans speed it becomes very clear, most hearable around 40-60% of speed, after that fans are become loud enough to mask it a little bit.

Below two recordings, unfortunately my crap phone didnt have loud dictaphone so you need to turn your volume up as much as possible:

1. I start messing with it around 10 seconds or so, its most audible when I raise fans speed around 35 sec

2. taken from a little bigger distance, around 45 seconds most audible after around 1 min 15 sec I was doing more faster switching between fan at very low speeds and above 40%.

I dont want to mess with the card too much it sits very firmly in my motherboard(Asus H170 Plus) and is secured to case with two screws, I dont see any cables touching the fans inside the card and cables around card arent either in much of a contact(still removing them didnt change anything). What can I do apart from possible RMA ?

I would really apriciate your help again

Level 7
Ok, now I think my gpu went totally south...

yestarday I experienced driver crashes for the first time I got this card and rest of pc, today it happened again so I decided to run furmark which I did with all my cards and also asus to check stability and temperatures and this time I cant even run the test for one second, cause right after I press start I get tdr and driver crash, same happened with 3dmark.

I tried different drivers, reseated the card in slot, tried using second power cable and even reinstalled my whole system. Nothing changed, the second I launch furmark test I get tdr, didnt try playing games cause that is probably end the same, it works normally in windows but anything demanding and its over. RMA time ?

Level 7
I must admit I am a little bit dissapointed with no help in here, from my first topic on this forum I know its not "fastest" but at least I got some helpful replies, this time total silence from normal users or ASUS guys 😞

During gaming I started seeing "driver stopped responding but recovered crashes", I was thinking its driver thing but tried many different versions with same driver crashing. So I decided to use furmark, 3dmark etc. to my suprise all of them gave me same driver crashes at first second after I start their tests. I reseated the card in slot, changed gpu power cable to other one my PSU has and even installed Windows from scratch but nothing helped. Only time the card would run those benchmarks for longer period than one second(like 10 or more minutes) was decreasing cards core and memory clock under default levels(I didnt overclock the card since I bought it)

To confirm that there is something really wrong with the card I took it to my friend and in his PC it showed exactly same sounds, buzzing under loado and strange vibrating noises from fans. Driver crashes issue was also present in my friends PC. He has 970 from MSI and that one was dead silent.

So with heavy heart I decided to RMA the card, I really hope Asus will fix the card or maybe exchange it for different prefarably new one cause I got it for just 3 months and couldnt properly enjoy it for that time 😞