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Asus 1070 Strix O8G, memory clock won't go above 350, have latest vbios.

Level 7
I tried everything in the world, but my memory clock will not go above 350.
Core clock is max 90 which seems fairly normal looking vs other users, but I have not seen anyone that only could get +350 clock in afterburner (so 700 oc)

Could there be another reason the memory clock is this bad then the card itself, and if so is the card damaged or something?

* Latest Vbios from Asus as shown in the gpu-z attach.
* Tried maxing volt 100% or 0% (Still the same, +350 mem works just as fine with either 0 or 100%, but will not go higher with 100%)
* Force constant volt
* Maximum pref in Nvidia
* Tried different drivers

Could not attach images, probably because I am new user.

Overview after running Unique Heaven

MSI afterburner showing core,mem etc in unique heaven


Unique Heaven score 1080p, Extreme Hd with +90 core, +350 memory

Hi Nivity

Welcome to the ROG forum !

Unfortunately you got one with micron memory and isn't overclocking as well as it should after the Vbios update. It's luck of the draw when it comes to overclocking, if you want you can install unigine valley and post your results in the ROG Strix 1070 overclocking guide, you can compare your score to mine.

I bet you're right there with me and others. 🙂

What happens when you try to post an image or a picture?

Appears to be working now, got some error message when I tried to enter urls in the add image.

If I could I would probably swap to MSI, seems everyone that got MSI 1070 can clock well even with Micron memory 😞
But got this on black friday for a nice price so not worth to spend 200$ more to change it for a msi 1070.

yeah I agree, like I said it looks like you got an under achiever in memory overclocking but your core clock is decent and overclocks further than mine which is where the bigger performance gain is so I still think you'll score as well as me.

I'm running the unigine valley benchmark at 2560 x 1440, ultra settings with Antialising disabled.

I'd like to see how you score. 🙂 One thing's for sure your ROG Strix 1070 will run cooler than MSI's.


Extreme HD with your settings

You're right there with me and I have a 6700k cpu.

Edit: Thanks for the 1080p extreme HD test.
I guess I should be happy enough then with the results even if memory clocks as bad as it does.
Thank you 🙂
Will post the result in the OC thread as well.

Cannot test in 1440p though because I have a 1080p monitor.
I tested Ultra, no AA however at 1080p, the difference between OC and non OC does not seem worth it ;/

Left one is stock.
Right one is +90 core, +350 memory, +max volt/powerlimit

Try the benchmark at ExtremeHD in silent mode, then try it in ExtremeHD with your overclock and compare your scores, thank you for posting in the ROG Strix 1070 overclocking guide I mentioned this there too. 🙂