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Are these numbers okay for an Asus RTX 4090 Strix LC

Level 9


Hello, got a great deal on a second hand "barely used" RTX 4090 Strix LC with the watercooling. The card still had all plastics on it and came with box and all, person selling said they didnt use it and decided to part ways with it since it was too much. Now i write barely used in qoutes because obviously thats what he said. So just hoping someone can help me make sure these numbers arent bad or okay, this is after 1 hour of call of duty mw2 MP with 1440p 240hz all settings high and RT ON no dlss or FG
Graphics card is OCd +150mhz on core +1000 Mhz on memory, cant seem to get core passed 180 without it messing up, thought id be able to push it more honestly.

Specs are
32gb DDR5
Hero z790
nzxt h9 elite

Processor AIO is mounted on side vents with push/pull config. GPU is vertically mounted with 3 120mm below intaking and the rad with 2 120mm on the top exhaust with 1 rear exhaust. 



Level 10

The Hotspot in "maximum" of >100°C seems very high to me.
I run a few Benchmarks on my system under 4K surround and never got it over 89°C in "maximum".
But since u not have freezes, artifacts or Bluescreens, i would not RMA it. 
Same card-types, different processing-items or processing-quality maybe.

Level 9

So an update to everyone, sliding my voltage slider down to 0% (no OC/Default) the temps drastically reduce, with COD it doesnt go over 82 now and with helldivers rarely over 88. Is this normal? Its just weird i see others MAX OC and still have amazing temps. I am truly considering repasting GPU with kryosheet but i have never done a GPU repaste before and the fact that theres no breakdown/disassembly videos of this card worries me since i dont have a reference to use.

Could it be case/fans (intake / outtake) related too?
What case and what fan setup u have? Do u use a AIO watercooling or Fan aircooling?
Do u have that spilkes in other components too?
Maybe we can rule out the problem there

NZXT H9 Elite, I have my 13900k cooled by h150i elite xt, push/pull config on the side vents, i have 3 intakes at the bottom hitting the vertical mount of the LC RTX 4090 with the rad on the top with fans intaking from in case exhausting out the radiator, and rear fan exhausting. TBH all temps on my PC are perfect its really just this, im starting to see a lot of people had pasting issues that lead to temps like mine, and after a repaste they had better temps. Thinking of doing this

Yes I agree! The components are superior and also the flow is optimal that way.

But the fact, that (end-)customers have to repaste (new) USD/EUR/CHF 2000.- GPUs due to some "Monday-charges"
is a shame and should not happen. Quality-control where are thou lol

Please keep us informed, how the situation change after repaste and some finetuning.

BTW finetuning.... Do u also have HWINFO ->   "GPU performance limiters: yes" in "current and "maximum"?
        -Performance Limit- Reliability Voltage: yes


I wonder if this is normal....