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980 ti sli bad behavior

Level 9
I have 2 980 ti Strix and since few months i have a issue firs the tweak 2 on each mode reports the Tempo Target as 60C even the power target gets changed the Temp target stays at 60C, i have to change it myself and i cant change it every 1 C or 1% power target it jumps from on spot to the other, example from 110% it goes to 100% and Temp from 91C to 81, i dont remember if it is normal or not.

But the main issue is that the Cards stay at 1190 if i choose OC or Gaming mode i have to change from advanced menu the GPU Boost clock, so the card go above the 1190. on those modes the cards somehow dont work as they should since the temperature goes up and the fans dont kick in, if i swap to advanced mode and apply a GPU boost clock and the power and temp target then it takes the Fan speed and the temp stays at normal ranges.

I had formated the PC and still had the same behavior from the cards on tweak 2. Could somehow have corrupted the bios? but on both cards ? havent flash anything on them.

Any ideas, is this normal ?


Level 9
On diablo 3 multiplayer the cards ramp to 1400 for few seconds then they drop to 1190 and 900, first and second gpu.

here some 2 screen with the stats while gaming. If i swap to manual OC they work normal. the only issue i could see on tweak that it was reporting gpu usage 99% even the gpu was at 38% if you see the ggraph, on the exact ttime where it drops from 1400 to 1190 and stays after that there.



Level 8
just save an advanced custom OC profile and save a manual fan curve with it.

i have mine set to jump up to 80% fan after 80C so that they keep the high boost clock.

Level 9
I flashed the bios on both cards, after I talked to asus support and told me that the 1190 all the time is normal and closed the support window in my face. GG support .

I checked the cards again with gpuz and on sensors they had a thrm throlling reported with 70C when the card was at 70C. So I flashed the bios on both the cards and now they go to 1366 at least. Removed tweak utility since even after bios flashing it did put with OC and GAMING mode the temp target to 60C instead of 91C and 83C.

So what did **** the cards I don't know, I think aisuite or tweak utility. But I am not sure I will post the Screenshots from cpuz before and after.

here are the Screenshots from GPU-Z before bios update as you can see there is a thermal throlling on the card/cards




Btw thanks

Hello Kotronas

I know if you set the bios switch to LN2 they will throttle to 700MHz - 800MHz at 70c, I found you need water cooling to use the LN2 bios.

The Matrix 980 Ti's should be able to hit 1500MHz on the core and 8000MHz+ on the memory with the stock bios.

At the top from left to right is: GPU Temp, GPU Usage, GPU Voltage, GPU Fan Speed, GPU Core Clock
2nd line - GPU Memory clock, GPU Memory Usage
3rd line - Frames per second (v-sync on)
4th line - CPU Temp, CPU Usage
5th line - System Ram Usage