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980 TI Matrix voltage adjustment no longer there @ GPU Tweak

Level 7

On my new Matrix 980 Ti is the voltage adjustment no longer there 😞

My another 980 Ti Matrix is in the RMA.

Today i bulid the new Card in my PC the GPU Tweak ( new Version ) ......the voltage adjustment of the GPU no longer there.

I have reinstalled my Windows, but that does not help .

With MSI Afterburner is the voltage adjustment for my Card ......adjustable up to + 100% .

Why not with GPU Tweak ?


Level 7
Have i but nothing

Level 10
ASUS GPU Tweak and EVGA Precision X are nicer than MSI Afterburner but somehow AB always work best for most people and for different models...:D
ASUS should fix that voltage for their cards...
Most customers want ASUS Software with new shine ASUS ROG graphic with all available options from other software.

Level 7
@ Chino

When i aktive the LN2 Mode + ( 2x Switch ) ....then is the voltage adjustment @ GPU Tweak

But with my first Matrix 980ti i do not do that .

I think that is the Bios of my second matrix .

Since my original Bios is from my Matrix :

Level 7
nobody help me ?

Level 10
What happen with you cards, did you resolve something?
I'm curious...

Level 7
I would just like the voltage adjustment @ Stock bios .

My first Matrix have that @ the Stock Bios

Level 10
You think second GPU have locked voltage or maybe new version of ASUS GPU Tweak?
Voltage slider with at least 150mV would be good thing but ASUS probably drain almost everything, clock is very high.
Anyway people who want LN2 will make modification on PCB to unlock voltage.
I'm not sure and NVIDIA what think about voltage.
Even if that's not fair, ASUS pay graphic processor to them and now they have rights to use them as they want, if something happen they will cover warranty, not NVIDIA. But looks like NVIDIA think that something like that could influence of selling their new series and don't want to people drain more performance from cards.
For my opinion for every day gaming only is usefull fabric BIOS, Normal or LN2, no matter,
other modified versions are in most case only for benchmark tests.
Many people and want Matrix cards to modified PCB and test in deep minus...
I look on them only as gaming on 200+MHz over reference with locked voltage only unlocked voltage monitoring.
Even if voltage is unlocked I keep locked with AB. But definitely is better if customer have option to move slider if want. 50mV mean nothing.
150-200mV is something.