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980 ti Matrix temperatures

Level 7
I noticed that my 980 ti was never boosting, i.e. it stayed at 1190 even when I changed the modes in GPU Tweak. I installed EVGA Precision X and noticed that the temperature target was set to 60 degrees (GPU Tweak showed 87) after adjusting this the GPU is boosting fine now. Is there a reason for the extremely low temperature setting? It seems kind of weird that the GPU would ship with this default setting.

Level 10
Did you ask other owners of GTX980Ti Matrix, I didn't hear that from them and from owners of Gold.
They would ask probably, card should boost on over 1350MHz with 98-99% usage.
Maybe is best move if you install AB, somehow most people believe to them.

Temp target should stay on 85-90C, no reason to go below.
You should clean driver with DDU and check again with Afterburner...
If card behave same that's reason to ask someone from ASUS and compare BIOS with other owners.
But anyway you need to change power target and temp target with every new driver...

Excellent cards, Matrix and Matrix Golds are as French Foreign Legion... :).
1 of 100 is good enough to work as Matrix Gold.
Best possible selection. If they want 260-270MHz OC out of box she is game stable on almost +300 GPU Offset.