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980 strix sli og 980ti?

Level 7
Hi All,
Making a new system,
i7 5930k
rampage v extreme
16 gb gskill 3000 ram
intel 750 400gb nvme for os
samsung evo 1tb for storage
phnateks enthoo pro case
1200 w psu
CORSAIR H110i GT Water Cooler

i was wondering what would make more sense. a single 980ti, or 2 980 strix in sli.
i do a lot of photo editing as well as gaming.

i want to stay away from amd just for the heat and noise. I have 2 6970's now and i can get quite loud and warm.



Level 15
A 2 way Strix GTX 980 SLI configuration will give you more performance without a doubt. But is it worth it? It'd depend on the resolution that will be using and your future plans.

Level 14
Yes, two 980 cards will definitely outperform one 980Ti or TitanX card. Basically $1500 vs $1000.
Two 980Ti cards are roughly equivalent to three 980 cards. You could always buy one 980Ti (and a beefy PSU) now and add another later.

I run two high-end GTX980 cards on a single 2560x1440 ROG Swift. It takes a *lot* of load at absolutely extreme/max graphic settings to have my fps dip below 60fps for even a few moments running any game or bench. Much overkill for single-monitor gaming, I think.
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