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970 strix sli, vbios and gddr5 type question

Level 7
Hi all, one of my first posts here.

I just got a 2nd 970 strix today to do some sli,
At my surprise gpu tweak shows second card way hotter than my card that I already had.

Now the scores are good on unigine and 3dmark but card1(in gpu tweak i guess thats top one) is no more than 69 c on gaming profile on gpu tweak, second card does 73/4 c

Top card is vbios 84.04.1F.00.2B and gddr5 is samsung

bottom card is vbios 84.04.2F.00.5C
and gddr5 is hynix

there is also temp difference in idle of about 5c,

tried borh cards as single gpu and still the hynix card is hotter by 2-3 c

is that something that would justify flashung vbios, or is all of that ok and normal?

Havent really noticed any performance issues, except for temps being 1-2 c higher on bottom card, and alsoaftrr a while of unigine they are both between 69-73 top never going past 69, bottom at 73c.

oh, and they are a bit physically different bottom one has piotek next to sli onnectors wrotten and backplate is more matte along with pipes while top is shinier doesnt have pcb wroting and pipes are shinier also.

Both say revision 1.
Oh, and they do buzz in 3d mode( cant hear it through closed case tough.

mb is Sabertooth z77, i5 3570k @3.8 (stock more or less)

So to recap, are those temp differences something to be looking in to solve or is it quite normal. what about different vbios in sli?

Thank you for your comments.

p.s. Do you think it would impact temps a lot to put xfi sound card to last bottom pcie slot so i can have the assist fan back on vccio temps are 54c under load without it.