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970 stock Fan issue, will aftermarket fan work?

Level 7
So, I recently bought a ASUS 970, and the fan closest to the ports runs at 100%, however the second fan does not spin.
The rpm of either fan is also not detected by any software, nor did anything change when the graphics drivers were installed

My question is, if I remove the stock fans, and replace the with a compatible aftermarket fan, will it fix the problem? Or does the whole issue lie on the mainboard?

If someone has another way to fix this issue (besides a replacement.. Very long story but its either this works or I get a partial refund) then I'd happily try it!

p.s. - I couldn't find this issue anywhere else, so sorry if this is just spam!

Level 14
you will void warranty if you start taking things apart.

did you try and control fans whit a program like GPU tweak or msi afterburner?
they let you set a manual fan curve.