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780s SLI Power Supply Query

Level 7
Had a question about gtx 780s SLI and the power supply.

I just picked up an EVGA supernova P2 1000 watt PSU
which should be more than enough for this older build
I7 4790k @4.5, 1.210 v
16-gig ddr3 -2400
2-7200 hd
1 -200mm fan
4-120mm fan
and corsair h75 CLC.
I tried a seasonic 850watt PSU, the PCI-E cables were 6+2 and i used 4 separate cables for my 2 cards
The 6+2 connectors have 8 pins on both ends of the cables,but the side that hooks up the power supply has only 6 actual metal pins and not 8
I thought with allot of these higher wattage cards you want to use all 8 pins for enough power.
I do know they jumpered those 2 pins on the card side of the cable, am i being to picky or thats how make the PSU now.
Also when i up grade to single 1080 or even 1080 TI, will this EVGA p2 1000 be to much over kill?

Level 14
If the PSU powers your system without issue the cables are fine, 780's are power hungry, over kill? what's that. If you already own the PSU why replace it when your power needs are lower, can't hurt anything

Level 7
Thanks Menthol, i know this late

Level 13
More than plenty. GPUs are under 120 watts each. 4970K OC to hell and back anotehr 140W all the rest not 100watts combined. pair of 1080ti cards about 500 watts for both.
So you have room to grow and the EVGA supernova is a decent PSU.