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4090 Strix Thermal paste, dint and hotspot

Level 7

so I was getting 70+c core temps with hotspot up to 100c so decided to tear this down and repaste it and what I was greeted with I can only say I find it totally unacceptable!!! Especially for such a expensive high end card, this particular bright spot appears to have been a hard bit of paste causing improper mounting pressure look at the thermal pads there is next to no imprint either I have repasted this and now I am seeing around 60 core and 70 hotspot so the hotspot has gone from a +30c delta to +10c delta if you get similar issue chances are this could be the reason there is even a tiny dint in the coolers contact point how I have no does but it’s not exactly good 🫣





Level 10

Yes ASUS RTX 4000 series tend to go higher and higher on hotspot delta from day 1.

I had same issue with 4070 TI TUF where delta it was around 12C at first weeks but after 2 months it was going up to 22C.

One of my friend same issue as me, nice delta at the beggining but on 20C now after few weeks.

And you can see a lot of posts about it here and reddit all with ASUS cards

PS: Most likely the thermal paste is very cheap one and not viscous enough