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4090 Strix OC no video after sleep

Level 7

About a month after getting my 4090 in January it's started this behavior after waking my PC from sleep. It will do either one of two things:

•85% of the time: There will be no video signal to the display at all, but everything else about the PC seems normal. I can hear sounds, caps lock indicator on keyboard will change, etc. Turning the display on or off doesn’t help any. The only thing that works is unplugging and replugging the hdmi cable.

•5% of the time: There will be a video signal but only for a few seconds. Then the screen will freeze, do some glitchy things, disappear to a black screen, maybe come back for a few more seconds and freeze again, do some glitchy things, and finally the video signal will cut out. At this point the whole computer is locked up hard, and requires a forced shut down using the power button or flipping the switch on the PSU. Unplugging/replugging the hdmi cable doesn’t do anything.

•10% of the time: Wakes up normally.

At all other times, including restarting and playing demanding games it works flawlessly. I’ve gone through a few of the latest Nvidia drivers without any change in behavior, and also made sure the bios on the 4090 is the latest (2.1 from November). I don’t have another hdmi 2 cable to test with but this seems to be on the PC end and not the cable/display. Also doesn’t make a difference which hdmi port is used on the 4090.

ROG 4090 Strix OC
Ryzen 3950
MSI Meg X570 Ace
Seasonic Prime TX-850
Windows 10
Samsung S95B