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4090 Strix OC no video after sleep

Level 8

About a month after getting my 4090 in January it's started this behavior after waking my PC from sleep. It will do either one of two things:

•85% of the time: There will be no video signal to the display at all, but everything else about the PC seems normal. I can hear sounds, caps lock indicator on keyboard will change, etc. Turning the display on or off doesn’t help any. The only thing that works is unplugging and replugging the hdmi cable.

•5% of the time: There will be a video signal but only for a few seconds. Then the screen will freeze, do some glitchy things, disappear to a black screen, maybe come back for a few more seconds and freeze again, do some glitchy things, and finally the video signal will cut out. At this point the whole computer is locked up hard, and requires a forced shut down using the power button or flipping the switch on the PSU. Unplugging/replugging the hdmi cable doesn’t do anything.

•10% of the time: Wakes up normally.

At all other times, including restarting and playing demanding games it works flawlessly. I’ve gone through a few of the latest Nvidia drivers without any change in behavior, and also made sure the bios on the 4090 is the latest (2.1 from November). I don’t have another hdmi 2 cable to test with but this seems to be on the PC end and not the cable/display. Also doesn’t make a difference which hdmi port is used on the 4090.

ROG 4090 Strix OC
Ryzen 3950
MSI Meg X570 Ace
Seasonic Prime TX-850
Windows 10
Samsung S95B


Level 8


Did you get anywhere with this? I have just got a ROG Strix 4090 OC card and have been seeing similar behaviour - about half the time when waking from sleep there is no display 😕

The rest of the system is Windows 11 only n an i9-13900k and ASUS ROG Maximus Extreme Z690 (latest BIOS), 96GB G.Skill DDR5 (6000 speed, two DIMMs), Silverstone 1200W PSU… The behaviour was not seen with the previous RTX 3080 Ti.

I’d be very interested to know if you found a solution…. I’m going to try reseating the card and checking all the power connectors etc, but if it persists I guess I will need to raise a support ticket with ASUS.

Cheers, Geoff

I'm sorry to say I haven't found a complete solution yet. I've since updated to Windows 11 and several Nvidia drivers / Asus firmware updates, and those have greatly helped. Now it's down to maybe 1 in 10 times or less. Planning to get a new ATX 3 power supply but I doubt it will help this issue.

Thanks for getting back to me, and sorry to hear you've not found a solution 😕 I had also already done all the relevant software / firmware updates.
So far, I have stopped the issue by re-seating all connections (including levelling the card with a better GPU support than I was previously using) and very carefully checking the plugs and optimising the cable run to the PSU, which does have native 12VHPWR. I found that it only had to be very sligthly moved to trigger the red 'power disconnected' light on the 4090 card and I suspect that this was randomly happening during use - small vibrations from etc... I am cautiously hopeful that this has sorted the issue, but I won't believe it until I've had it working for a week or so more without problems! 
Have you tried different power cables / cable configuratrions?
Cheers, Geoff

That's a good thought, since if it was software I would imagine a lot more people would be reporting this problem. This weekend I'll dig in and double check all the cabling. If it was cutting out by wiggling then that suggests a loose connector or broken cable to me. I'm using a new hdmi cable bought shortly before getting the 4090 that worked fine with the previous GPU, but maybe that could be suspect too. It's so intermittent now that testing will take a long time.

Level 8

Interestingly, as part of the discussion of the new version of the 12VHPWR connector that I just saw today and is being rolled out to solve the overheat / melting problems some people have seen, they actually said that the kind of behaviousrs we've been seeing could be triggered by a temporary loss of connection in one of the 'sense' pins in the connector (the four small offset ones)... Seems to me that it's a likely cause for me.
Brand new cable also ordered baecuase as you say, my symptoms do suggest a small break or bad connection!

Update a few weeks later: I can confirm that with a new and properly seated 12VHPWR cable, I have not seen this issue again, or any other graphics-related weirdness!

Level 8

Well re-seating all the cables and card didn't help. I haven't been getting the no-video-signal issue for a while, but what happens now is after the computer wakes up its like its running without any video drivers. The screen resolution is at the smallest default like when you first install WIndows but before installing the gpu drivers, something like 640x480. This time happened after the second time waking from sleep.

Hmm, weird! I guess your card has further issues and not the same ones as mine...

Level 7

I just built mine with z790e asus strix mobo and 4090 oc white… and strange issue… no signal on dp once i updated drivers through armory crate. Hdmi works perfectly. Anyone else having this issue? My DP works perfectly on my old Dell 2k reso monitor but wont on Aorus F048U