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4090 DOA? New Tuf 4090 wont display nothing.

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Well ... i think i got a DOA card. I just got a few days ago my new Tuf 4090 oc for my new build ... I tried it on with an 1000w psu and it wont booth up. no display what so ever. I thought it was the PSU so I got a 1200w one tried a few days later and nothing. cant get the card to work 😞 I tried everything ... Led on GPu is red and when I turn the computer on it shuts down the led and nothing ... obviously mother board gives me an error that no GPU present ....i pop my 6900xt and it works fine. Anyone with the same issue?

FYI: I am running 4x 8 pin cables to the psu from the adapter that came with the card. so this is the right way to do it ....

I ordered another adapter cable to see if that's the problem so waiting till Thursday it arrives hoping I am lucky and its just cable.


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Sorry to hear that. It'll either be the adapter or the GPU. The Power LED Indicator will remain red when the system is off when using the supplied adapter but should turn off when the system is powered on. Is there any audible click from the power supply when you attempt to power the system on? Make sure all four PCIE 8 pins are connected to the adapter.


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Its weird, no psu click .. I ordered another adapter to see if that's the problem. I tried even on another PC but no luck either only the midle fans turns on and the led on the tuf 4090 but doesnt booth up and i get a 97 code on my Asus Rog z790 - e which means "Console Device Output Connected" but no post or nothing. It works fine with my 6900xt. I hope its the connector.