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4080 TUF Coil Whine

Level 7

Hello, I bought a TUF 4080 and I am experiencing intense and variable noise according to the interaction with the games in terms of fps and game type.

System specs: Corsair HX1000 watts power supply – 80 PLUS PLATINUM, ASUS Strix Z490-E Gaming motherboard, Intel 10700K CPU, DDR4 32Gb Gskill.

Will it go away? I've been using this card for about 2 months now.


Level 7

It will vary card to card but prob will not go away, usually dampens over time though

Ive had multiple 4090s and they all had coil whine with different hardware configurations

Super Moderator

1) PSUs produce their own coil whine. How much depends on the quality, type, specs, and size of the components used.

2) The graphics card also produces some coil whine. Again, how much depends on the quality, type, specs, and size of the components used.

3) Interaction between the PSU and graphics card can result in louder coil whine.

4) Coil whine is related to frequency and current.

5) Rapid changes in current demands (such as rapid load modulation when transitioning from low power state) is a major contributor to piezoelectric noise (some capacitor types are more prone to this).

6) As ripple frequency and other sources of power related noise can impact the level of coil whine, some combinations of psu and graphics cards may exhibit more noise than others. For a vendor, it is very difficult to account for all permutations because cost is a factor if you want to increase resilience to coil whine. There is only so much a vendor will or can do.

7) As current plays a part, the amount of audible whine will vary from system to system.

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