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3dmark 13 Extreme GPU tests 2 - different fps each runs on Asus Strix 980 Ti Oc.

Level 10
Hi. I have a weird issue with fps in 3dmark 13 Graphic test 2 on Extreme. So when benchmark starts i am getting different fps. One time it starting at 37 fps, second time it starting at 51 fps.
I check GPU LOAD and is 99% always, core clock is 1366mhz always. Temps are fine , no throttling. Any ideas? Is this issue with that test ? Its totally random , one time it is 51 fps, other time i dont know why 37 fps.

I am using Asus Strix 980 Ti OC stock, Corsair 750 RM, 4790k no oc. Fresh install on Windows 10 Pro and new drivers.

Here are screens:
Click right to open, there is gpuz opened.

Click right to open, there is gpuz opened.


Level 10
All softwares for measure fps during benchmark tests influence on lower benchmark score. ALL!.Fraps, AB, PrecisionX, ShadowPlay,...
What happen with results at the end of benchmark test? You should sometimes and to restart PC and to wait few seconds before start new test.

Level 10
Here are fluctuations between final scores: 15100 - 15800 . So i guess its normal? I run few times.