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3090 Strix - One of Three Power LEDs Always On

Level 7
I recently installed a waterblock on my 3090 Strix. After I did so, I discovered that the left-most LED behind the PCIe plugs (the one closest to IO plate) will always stay on as long as it's plugged into the MB and the PSU switch is on. The other two will turn off when I plug a PCIe 8-pin into the associated plug, but this one will not. It's not the cable or the PSU, as the same cable plugged into the other 2 plugs works just fine, and ones plugged into the other 2 plugs does not when plugged into this one.

I'm not sure if this was the case before I installed the waterblock as the stock air cooler covers up the LED much more than the waterblock does and I did not use it very long. It also does not really seem to be affecting performance, as the card runs fine and will draw close to 500W (which means it would need to be drawing power from all 3 PCIe 8-pin plugs in addition to the PCIe slot) if I set the power limit to the max of 123%. But having a red LED stuck on is ruining the aesthetics of my build, so I'd like to figure out if this is working as intended, and if so whether there is a way to disable it. A search did not seem to bring up any results, as the only thing I could find were relating to those LEDs flashing, rather than just one of them stuck on.