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2080 TI strix?

Level 7
Does anybody know if the will release a strix version of the TI?

I've seen the strix 2080 for preorder but no TI?
Brands like msi have al show their triple fan gaming x version etc.

I'm more interested if asus will release a Poseidon version of the 2028 ti?

Level 14
Poseidon and Matrix tend to run some ASUS factory overclock. I suspect that means they won't be available until ASIC yields (or raw binned-out part inventory) have increased to the point where they have enough parts on hand to justify the product run. There always seems to be shortages of quality VRAM as well, which seem to get a little worse each GPU generation ... these tend to impact (limit) the availability of top-end cards the hardest.
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Level 9
Bring on the Poseidon 2080 Ti*

Level 7
So EVGA already announcing their FTW3 cards and severl Fullcover and Hybrid-AIO solutions. So this makes me hope that also Asus won't let us wait too long for something like a Poseidon 2080ti being released!!?