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2080 Ti Strix OC Bios update?

Level 7
Hi everybody.

I just saw there is a new bios for my card but no idea what improvement or changes are in the update. is the new version.

Anyone tried it or know what changes have?

Thank you

Level 11
I got a 2080tioc that a friend loan me for a week or 2. mine came i did the 325w mark. i will test since there is a issue on that one. the vbios is On my Codexi bios, there is no info on the information of the cards. My 1080tioc did display that on the bios.

if the new bios just is a lifting of the power limited that consume the gpu. i will use it as last resort. The card was use on default ONLY and fans where set to hit 100% with 60c. board is running 9900k with stock all including memory to start with all last (asus web-page drivers and bios)

i incredible that these card is powering my 2 1440p screen, in game, recording and streaming with 144fps. is it just incredible the detail that i can see from my 1080tioc.

i will test more during the week aside some work here to be done
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