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2080 Ti Aorus- Ultra Fire Strike Stress Test.

Level 7
Hello dears:) .
Must ask you dear swetties about score.

First my pc
2080 Ti Aorus stock OC
9900K ( 5GHZ ) on Noctua NH-D15 ( also speed doesnt matter i tried on stock and the same )
2x16 GB GSKILL 3000MHZ
Corsair 750RmX
Asus Prime Z390-A with updated BIOS

So using Fire Strike Ultra Stress Test i am ranging between 96,5%-98%.
Today i restarted pc and get score like here:

Thermals are pretty fine, i mean TEMPS of GPU and CPU are ok. Any ideas? Should i be worry with that score? I dont have crashing in games etc. I know its a score in % only,but my clocks are consistent in games,so i dont know why it not passing sometimes.
GSYNC turned OFF during test,Power Plan High Performance. Background tasks turned off. Using nvidia newest drivers.
Thank you.

Level 13
Not score, % of load. Never hits 100%. Maybe the Gigabyte forum has better answers?

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