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2080 RTX Micron vs Samsung memory

Level 11
I've got two of what I thought were the same 2080 RTX Asus cards in my main rig that I bought at the same time. In fact, they were purchased in the very same order from Amazon. Using GPU-Z I have just now discovered one card has Micron memory and the other Samsung. Why different makers? So do the cards need two different drivers? A little research has shown that Micron memory has been the source of talk about how it fails vs Samsung (at least early on in some cards). Great stuff (sarcasm). 😮

Hi Super Gnome

After reading reviews it's fair to say that gpu's with Micron memory are more prone to have problems such as artifacting or won't overclock as well as ones with Samsung memory.

I'm not sure how the 2080 was done but the same thing happened with the 1070, they were initially made with Samsung memory then there was supposedly a shortage so they switched to Micron.

If both your gpu's are working fine I wouldn't worry, you need only install the latest nvidia driver 430.39 or the hotfix 430.53 driver.

Level 14
What Nate said, I have an early 2080ti with Micron and have not had any issues, one driver for all cards is what Nvidia provides (universal driver)

Level 10
NVIDIA TITANs used Micron GDDR5 and GDDR5X memory.
My GDDR5X is Micron as well on Poseidon.

Depend of series.
I remember with some Kepler cards Samsung memory was best, next year people continue with Samsung but Hynix OC Better.
For every generation is different.

NVIDIA RTX Titan have Samsung GDDR6
NVIDIA RTX2080/RTX2080Ti Founders Edition have Micron GDDR6.

I didn't read what was problem with RTX FE cards.

Its hit or miss with Micron.
Never seen an issue with Samsung but a lot of early failures with micron overheatiing.

My broken RTX 2080 is with Samsung chips. The problem seems not to be with memory but GPU.