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2070 super lagg over 60 fps

Level 10
Hello i have very wierd problem , i have two monitor i tested and monitor no have problem both are asus also i have another computer i5 10th 2060 super i test both monitor and zero problem can run over 60 hz (fps) without lag
my current PC i9 10900k
asus maximus xii formula
32 gb corsair veng no argb run 3600 cl 18
noctua cpu cooler
super flower leadex v pro gold 850watts
m.2 samsung evo 970 plus 1 tb
and aditional samsung evo 870 500gb ssd connected in sata port 1

my monitor can run max 75 hz is 27 inch 1440p resolution , but i have to go nvidia control panel and drop from 75 hz to 60 hz beacuse and here the problem
when i playing world of warcraft on 75 fps max i obiosly have enable vertical sync so the video card dont go over fps monitor cant handle it , no matter at 75 fps my game lag if i disable vertical sync the fps go over 100 and game lag too
i using all default from the game , no addons
important the fps never drop when the game lag , always stay 75 fps never drop but the game always laggy
i format the PC , install drivers windows update and install only wow and still problem persist
i go to bios and change pci express from auto to gen3 and nothing change , i try diferent port of the video card port display port hdmi and iferent cables and notjhing change , also i have in windows power option high performance

so basically the video card is broken ?