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2 Strix, different temps, Quality assurance issues

Level 7
Just recently picked up 2 of these. Noticed 1 of the cards' cooler is significantly more loose to the card than the other and the cooling shroud is also slightly different as in, the card doesnt stick out as far as the other by a good 1/4" of an inch. The difference in temps is also a bit alarming, almost 10'C idle between the 2.

some other things to note. The card in question seems to lack quality as in the heatpipes do not appear to be as polished as the other and the printed "ASUS DirectCU II" ink-print isnt as nice as the other. Also, there is a noticeable difference in the shade of white light from the power LED's coming from the 2. The "crappy" cards LED's are also dimmer than the nicer one. Lastly, the powdercoat finish on the shroud is much better on the other. the nice cards finish is nice and smooth, while the other is quite rough. Im not sure what the hell is going on here but ive always bought ASUS stuff for their quality and fit/finish...this is some BS...

GPU-Z also reports one of them using Samsung memory vs. the other having Hynix?

The nicer cards Serial starts with F3YVCM where as the crappier card starts with F1YVCM.

crap card...look at the spacing between the shroud vs the heatsink...there is a larger gap on the second, nicer, card:


Im also uploading a video showing the looseness of said card vs the also may be able to see the difference in how much the nicer card sticks out off the motherboard than the other.


Level 15
Your images don't show properly.

In regards to the difference in temperature, I can see a few factors in play. In a SLI configuration, the top GPU will always work harder and have a higher temperature. Now even though you aren't using SLI in your video, the slot placement can also affect the temperatures. As for the memory, manufacturers sometimes have to choose another brand when the one they were using is out of stock. Happens a lot.

Level 7
I understand the sli config, but previous cards, at idle, were always the same temp...ive had many sli setups and this was always the case.

(i hadnt put the sli cable back on after removing to verify serial # differences)

fixed the pictures btw...did you watch the video?

Level 40
I can remember my 680s were like that top one...more wiggle room than you would like really...however the bottom one should not be like that

Have you tightened or tried to tighten main screws on back of card? That will not be making decent contact with GPU chip...

I take it bottom card is hottest? not the way round it should be....

Idle should be same and load top card 5 6 or 7 degrees hotter on average...

If there is room to tighten cooler then I'd personally remove heatsink and repaste card and tighten....but you might like to just RMA it

Level 7
yeah, i cant really tighten all 4 as the 1 screw has the warranty tab on it, i tried tightening the 3 free ones but they were already tight. super odd.

Level 40
Yeah...right you are...not worth losing waranty over....I would RMA it if I were don´t pay for that kind of quality

Level 7
yeah, think im going that route, thanks for the input.