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1x Tittan Black or 2x 780Ti for 4k?

Level 7
i tring to figure out if id be beter dubbling my power with dual sli 780 Ti cards or a single titan black. want to power a selkie 65" 4ktv at 30 fps i know a lot hard core games cant but i want to start with things like wow, secondlife, tomb raider, and batman aram asylum.

i been doing reserch but since my brother pased i have had a hard time understanding the new tech

Thanks in Advance, Alice

NZXT Pink Phantom


Level 10
2x780Tis. EVGA classified edition, or if they'll be in stock when you buy the K|ngp|n edition 780tis.
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Level 7
Kingpin is a kick ass card but due to my case I need a reference cooler. Uses a 90° rotated motherboard so it exists all heat out the top. It's a main gear shift case. Basically a Silverstone case. I have a Silverstone st1500 power supply so not wired on card power. But u recommend dual gtx 780 to as opposed to a chapter single titan black with more cram?

Isn't more cram needed for higher resolutions?

Thanks in advance, Alice

NZXT Pink Phantom

Hello Alice, You are correct in saying higher resolution needs more vram. If you use antialiasing that eats up vram too but at 4k resolution no aa should be needed. Two 780ti's will give you pretty much double the performance of the titan black and would give you 30FPS+ at 4k. I never gamed at 4k resolution so I don't know how much vram is needed but I would imagine you would be using a little over 2GB with aa disabled. With 4x aa you could use over 3GB of vram.

Level 7
go with the dual 780 Ti

Level 7
neither, the gtx 780 has only 3 gb of vram, not enough even for 1080p gaming, no way in hell enough for 4k.

The Titan would be the better choice out of those 2 but not cost effective, even better would be multiple gtx 770 4gb editions overclocked.
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