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1080ti sli problem

Level 7
hello i noticed weird issue with my cards in last few days after i updated drivers to the latest version.

in last 6 months my cards were performing without issue whatsoever. clocking on 2000mhz like they should ( water cooled)

however now, when ever i start some benchmark or any game, cards wont hold those clock speeds anymore. cards run in range of 45-48c if i remove frame caps, and downclock to 1987mhz.

i know gpu boost 3.0 depends of temperature, power, and other stuff, but i didnt had this issue before and i dont know how to fix it. i uninstalled literally everything beside gpu z as monitoring software, installed 6 months old driver and issue is still there.

i also try to cap clock speeds on 1600mhz 0,800mv and downclock still happens even when temps are like 40c max.

anyone else experiencing this ??