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1080 TI STRIX fan problem

Level 7

i just received my asus strix 1080 ti and it seems to work perfectly
i wanted to test it in a game but as soon as the fans are activated, they are running at 100 % speed all the time .
even with corsair link, gpu tweak or afterburner, it says that my fans are at 0 %
it's possible to control them only if i restart my comp
i can aslo unplug the white cable at the end of the graphic card but if i put it back, it's the same issue

all drivers are up to date
i made a DDU uninstallation
i tried to install back my 980 but the same problem is happening

i hope you can see the video

i can't say if it hardware or software

should i send it back to reseller or contact asus ?

thank in advance

Level 7
okay it seems fixed by connecting an exterior fan to the graphic card.

i hope it not gonna happened again

if it can helps when you will receive your copy..