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1080 Strix OC supply issues (UK)

Level 7
I was wandering what asus has to say, if anything, regarding the supply shortage of the 1080 OC strix in the UK (maybe elsewhere as well)?

i'm not happy that i'm being offered a lesser card for the same money, and by the sound of it they will receive 33 more units and then they have no idea when anymore will arrive. As i was 284th in the queue on the 6th it looks like i'll never receive what i ordered.

surely asus can provide enough stock to cover preorders?

this experience has definitely put me off asus and will think twice about purchasing in the future. I know some people will say pre-ording isnt a good idea, but thats not the point

Level 7
I had also 1080 oc preordered but i got tired of waiting and got gigabyte 980 g1 gaming 350 euros cheaper instead...difference is what 10-20 fps (if you oc 980 ti) depending game so im ok with that.

Level 8
Maybe the SUPPLY CHAIN is really hard to get more GPUs for mass Production, just temporary
hoping can be solved in mid Aug