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1080 FE vs Titan X

Level 11
I couldn't wait for the Titan P so I got a 10801 FE to play with until the Pascal Titan is released. Though I don't care much for frame rates the FE gives a few more fps. What I rate cards on is image quality and the 1080 is equal to the Titan X though having fewer cuda's. Over all I'm pleased with the 1080 FE and may not opt up for the Titan P.

Level 7
He, just ordered gigabyte 980ti gaming myself. Im thinking it could be a year since 1080ti is available and i need update due to moving 1440p. I also got it lowered price, they selling off their stock so yea...i thought it is a better option than 1070. Cheaper too.

Level 7
What are you talking about when saying "image quality"? Beginning with DX11 (or maybe DX10), Microsoft have set a MANDATORY standard for graphics card manufacturers that per-screenshot image MUST be the same (Microsoft specifically stated "per pixel-accurate") on all graphics cards by any manufacturer - on the same graphical settings of course.

So if your two graphics cards (they can be either NVIDIA or AMD) give different image quality, it means that one of them is probably buggy (or has buggy drivers).

Level 11
I play all of the Hitman series and being a slow moving game I notice little things like Fabric/textile textures, grains in wood, metals and anything in the game. The Titan X repeatedly drew them better. Also, the overall lighting was darker with the other Maxwell's.

Hi Heini

I would've thought you'd get at least a 10 FPS gain going to the 1080. I just checked your specs and that is an awesome monitor you have, an IPS display at 144hz.

How many frames per second do you get in hitman, do you max out the quality settings and use antialiasing?

You can get better image quality by raising the resolution using the DSR factors setting in the NVidia control panel. What this does is allows you to go 4x the native resolution of your monitor, far beyond 4k, you'll be able to go higher than 2560 x 1440 in the game settings.

All you do is open the Nvidia control panel, Manage 3d settings, DSR - Factors. Click the little arrow, check all the boxes click ok and click apply.

Now you can go higher than 2560 x 1440 resolution in games, you can bump the resolution up one step at a time until performance becomes slow and at a point it will, you won't come close to maxing out the resolution.

The higher the resolution the more crisp, clear and detailed the image, you can play at 4k which is 3840 x 2160.

Level 11
In the Hitman Absolution benchmark I got 98min. and 198max. with everything maxed. After I play through it I'll try the Hitman 2016 benchmark again since my gray hair doesn't remember the first time.

PS... I keep nVidia control panel disabled after the initial setup but then I disable a lot of things to keep the machine streamlined. :cool: