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1070 Strix 8GB OC underperforming

Level 7
Hello everyone,

I've recently bought a new ASUS 1070 8GB Strix OC Gaming video card, and I was hyped as hell, but when I installed the graphics card and all its drivers, I've noticed that it performed worse than my 3 years old ATI R9 380 Nitro 4GB Black Plate.

For some dubious reason, I had between 68 and 140 FPS with my old Graphics card, but after I installed the 1070... the FPS went down by A LOT. I just quit a Battlefield 5 server on which i was having 56 FPS with all graphics on LOW ( mesh on high / ultra ) and all the possible settings turned OFF or set to lowest.

I've also reinstalled the Windows on my PC about 7 times ? it took me 1 and a half days to complete the installs with all the necessary drivers, but I haven't managed to make it work properly.

I've read that it might be a Power issue , not getting enough power from the source so i checked the 8-Pin connector which was properly attached.

I've also taken out the card from the PCI-Express 3.1 x16 slot, cleaned the slot and put it back, as someone also stated that it might not be properly set into the slot.

I've installed the latest drivers for the card but that didn't work either ...

I've always set the cards on "Performance" on both old and new card drivers. Sadly I'm running out of options and I'm thinking of either returning the new Graphics card to the seller, or sending it for warranty ....

Any other advice that I might use before I send it back ? 😞 I don't want to send it back though 😞 but if I'll have no other choice , then so be it :(:(

Thank you in advance,