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1070 Rog Strix overheating problems!(?)

Level 7
So, ive had this card for about 3 months, awesome, not a problem. That was until yesterday. I got my cards Leds set to temperature and in all these months ive had this card ive never seen any color other than green/light green. Yesterday I saw RED, bright Red and it scared the **** out of me lol. Greens are like 30-45 degrees. Red is 80 so you can imagine my reaction when I saw my whole case lighting red. I was playing Playerunknowns Battlegrounds (amazing game btw) and I got about 90h in the game so far but only yesterday did it overheat my graphics card. Now to make sure it wasnt the games fault somehow I ran Witcher 3, same problem. Card heated up to 80 degrees real fast, literally 40 secs after launching the game. Then I tried Battlefield 1, max temp was 77 and stable 75. Now you can tell me these might even be ok temps but thing is, im not used to them so theres clearly a problem since my card never hit these temps before. I checked and the 3 fans are working fine and so are every other fan in the case. I also used to idle at like 30 degrees, now its 47-48. So since yesterday my card clearly gained 18 degrees somehow. Maybe its been lifting. I tried thightning the cards screws and even checked for dust. Theres not much at all but I will try cleaning it thoroughly. I could RMA but I really dont wanna be like a week without my baby, I really hope this is a problem I can fix. Thanks and sorry for the long read.

Level 7
Hi Feels123,

Those temperatures may be reasonable depending on your system arrangement and environmental temperature.
Will you mind to share a snap shot of what's inside your chassis, and your current room temperature to help us check that for you.