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1070 and "b2" code

Level 7
Good morning! Few days ago I have purchased 1 1070 to replace my 780. As I put the 1070 in the same pci-express slot where I used my 780, my machine refused to boot-up and I can read through the q-code reader the status "b2". Change the pci-express slot doesn't change anything. Put the bios at default doesn't change anything. Change the power connectors doesn't change anything. Remove each device (except the mouse and keyboard) doesn’t change anything. So I have thought that the video card may be damaged, flawed. Then I have tested the 1070 on the machine of a my friend (he have a different motherboard, MSI h170 gaming m3 and 1 i5-6600 which support pci-e 3.0). As soon as we see that his machine is booting, we entered the bios, and his motherboard recognizes that the 1st pci-express slot is being used by an nvidia 1070 (this is a bios utility of his motherboard). Then his system booted-up without a single hesitation. We updated the video card bios to the last version and we installed the new nvidia drivers without problems. Maybe there is something in the CSM options (the "b2" q-code, mean "legacy option rom initialization") that need to be changed, but I'm not going to make some test again now, because I have a custom water cooling system, and change a video card (actually, I have already done this 3 times in a row now) is a pain. I know that my motherboard (P9X79-E WS) supports the last generation of nvidia's video cards, because of these tests:
As you can read, they have used the same motherboard, but a different cpu, which may be the problem: my cpu is a i7-3820 and it doesn't support pci-e 3.0, contrary to the i7-4960X. I would be very grateful for an answer, and if you wanted to share with me the bios settings, of course, for those who have no problems on x79! Good day!

[Motherboard Specification]
Motherboard Vendor : asus
Motherboard Revision : P9X79-E WS rev. 1.01
Motherboard BIOS Revision : 1704

[CPU Specification]
CPU Vendor : Intel
CPU Type : 3820
CPU Speed : 3.60-3.80

[Memory Specification]
Memory Vendor : Kingston
Memory Model : khx2133c11d3k4/16gx
Memory Capacity : 16gb

Hi anthuz

I responded to your thread in the other series motherboard section of the forum, please do not make duplicate threads of the same problem.

I will be deleting this one soon.

Thank you