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ROG Phone 8 Series.jpg


Welcome to the future of mobile gaming with the ROG Phone 8! Packed with cutting-edge technology, the ROG Phone 8 introduces a range of unique and powerful software features that redefine the gaming experience. Let's delve into the exciting capabilities that set this gaming powerhouse apart.


1. X Sense 2.0 - Masterful Control:

Experience unprecedented control with X Sense 2.0, a groundbreaking feature that employs pattern recognition AI. This advanced technology not only detects key events but also automates actions like item collection and conversation progression in supported games. Achieve perfect hero control like never before!

X Sense 2.0X Sense 2.0

X Sense_1.GIFX Sense_2.GIF


2. X Capture 2.0 - Capture Every Triumph:

Relive your gaming triumphs with X Capture 2.0, another innovation driven by pattern recognition AI. This feature automatically records your most epic moments, whether it's dominating multiple enemies or securing a decisive victory. Your greatest gaming achievements, immortalized at the touch of a button.


X Capture 2.0X Capture 2.0


3. Background Mode - Uninterrupted Questing:

Say goodbye to interruptions! With Background Mode, engage in games with auto combat, allowing you to run the game in the background without fear of system pauses or game interruptions. Continue your quest unattended and undisturbed.

Background ModeBackground Mode


4. AI Grabber - Smart Conversations:

In supported games, AI Grabber enhances your gaming conversations by identifying key words. Easily copy and search for online tips or information with this pattern recognition AI, ensuring you stay ahead in the gaming realm.

AI GrabberAI Grabber

AI Grabber_1.GIF

AI Grabber_2.GIF


5. Vibration Mapping - Tactical Feedback:

Tailor your gaming experience with Vibration Mapping, a feature that lets you set different haptic feedback levels for each virtual on-screen button. Enhance gameplay by assigning light vibrations for regular attacks and stronger effects for power combos, providing a tactile advantage.

Vibration MappingVibration Mapping


6. Microsoft® PhoneLink - Seamless Connectivity:

Bridge the gap between your phone and PC with Microsoft® PhoneLink. Access your phone's screen, gallery, and all its contents in real-time with ease. More connectivity means more possibilities for gaming and productivity.

Microsoft® PhoneLinkMicrosoft® PhoneLink


7. Qualcomm® Seamless Technology - Synchronized Experience:

Powered by the Snapdragon® 8 Gen 3, the ROG Phone 8 series supports Qualcomm® Seamless Technology. Enjoy a seamless device-to-device sync-up experience with Snapdragon® X Elite-powered PCs, unlocking a new level of synergy between your devices.

Qualcomm® Seamless TechnologyQualcomm® Seamless Technology


8. AniMe Vision 8-bit LED Display - Dynamic Personalization:

Introducing the AniMe Vision 8-bit LED display with 341 LED lights, allowing customization of animations or display of features such as weather and battery status. When turned off, it remains discreetly hidden, allowing users to switch between a subtle and sophisticated appearance or a trendy and bold phone exterior according to personal preferences! Embrace dynamic personalization with "Dynamic LED Customization."

AniMe Vision_1.GIF

AniMe Vision_2.GIF

AniMe Vision_3.GIF


9. Video Genie - Entertainment on the Go:

Experience a new level of entertainment with Video Genie. The background playback feature allows you to continue enjoying music or videos while using other applications, ensuring a seamless and immersive audio experience. Elevate your entertainment with "Continuous Multimedia Enjoyment."

Video Genie_1.GIF 

Video Genie_2.GIF

Video Genie_3.GIF


10. Customizable Gaming Display Areas - Tailored Visuals for Every Gamer:

Tailor your gaming visuals with three customizable gaming display areas, allowing you to adjust according to personal preferences and gaming habits. Enjoy the freedom to optimize your gaming experience with a personalized touch. Experience "Tailored Visuals" for a gaming setup that suits your unique style and preferences.

Display AreaDisplay Area



The ROG Phone 8 stands as a testament to the future of mobile gaming, offering an unparalleled combination of innovation and performance. Elevate your gaming experience with these cutting-edge features and embrace a new era of gaming excellence!