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Trouble with R.O.G equipment in Vietnam...!!!

Level 7
Hello everyone!
As my title, buying R.O.G equipment in Viet Nam such as mouse, keyboard, headset, backpacks... is the big trouble :((
There is no stores, no showroom in my country.
I relly love the R.O.G 's equipment!
I searched on the internet, there're some website sell R.O.G 's equipment ( BUT they DO NOT ship to Viet Nam (why?) ...
Is there anyways for Asus R.O.G things live in Viet Nam
Or is there any website selling and ship to Viet Nam...
I really need your help !!!

Level 14
The Asus news site has a link to ASUS ROG Vietnam facebook page. I can't read the Vietnamese so I don't know if it's helpful.

ebay and Amazon have Vietnam-based sites. You might be able to make special arrangements with any online vendor, especially the smaller non-corporate ones. There are many companies, traders, and individuals online who are willing to act as proxies for a small fee, they buy stuff only available in their region then ship out-of-country to the customer. You can approach local computer stores to see if they're willing to import specific brands/products, hopefully without much markup (especially if you buy some of their in-store products).

I don't know if Vietnam regulates or prohibits the import of certain technologies. If so, you might have to live without your ROG or resort to unofficial channels.
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Thank you so much for your advice, but
In my country, there no exactly rule for the import of certain technologies, so everyone can buy it in overseas and tell the seller ship to buyer's country.
example such for the " Asus rog eagle eye mouse Gx1000" that
when i searched on the main website of Ebay or Amazon, there are so many choices but its still 4 choices in the Vietnam-based sites...
The saddest is that in the main sites of ebay and amazon, they do not ship to VietNam
I really disappointed...
Anyway, thanks for your help!!!