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Solving a Marvell Hardware Conflict, how?

Level 8

I'm currently troubled by a hardware conflict issue I'd like to solve.

Problem description:
My current Motherboard ( EVGA X79 Dark ) appears to have it's USB 3.0 functions tied to the onboard Marvell SATA Controller.
Disabling the SATA Controller will also disable all my USB 3.0 Ports ( who ever did that should get whipped ).

Loosing the SATA Ports is something I don't mind as I'm not using them anyway but I'd like to make use of the USB 3.0 Ports which I'm running kind of short by now - But like I mentioned, one does not work without the other so I'd have to keep the Marvell SATA Controller enabled.

Problem is the RAIDR Express also being a Marvell based Controlled and those two don't seem to be on good terms with each other - With the RAIDR Express installed and the onboard Marvell SATA Controller enabled I can kiss a successful boot goodbye.

Is there something that I could do to make both controllers work along each other?

If so, how?

Thanks in Advance 🙂