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ROG Front Base now working with Windows 10!!!

Level 7
I noticed that there was an update to the ROG FrontBase SW & FW on the ASUS site (v1.01.17).

I have been a bit 'miffed' that the CPU frequency was showing as 0000 since I updated my PC from Win7 to Win10 but also frustrated that the previous update release for the FrontBase would fail to complete the installation process.

Having downloaded this new release, my FrontBase FW was updated from v47 to v48, and I noticed, after a reboot, that the CPU frequency was now showing true!


Level 10
They updated a working driver and firmware on Oct 27th for Windows 10. My ROG Front Base is working fine on my motherboard and I'm running Windows 10 64-bit.
Front Base Driver:V1.01.17
Firmware V48

Does your Front Base switch off automatically when using "shut down" in Win 10?

Mine used to before the Win 10 fall update but since updating, the front base panel stays lit up, even when the PC is shut off. I have S5 set in the APM section of BIOS.

I've also updated to Front Base Drive v1.01.17 and Version 1.00.32 of ROG Connect Plus.

EDIT: Fixed it - I needed to disable "Turn on fast-start up" in power settings

Level 7
My FrontBase has never completely shut down (display off). Even on Windows 7, 8.1 or now 10. I always have to manually press the button on the FB it's self to blank it.

As as it has never done it, I assume is wasn't meant to!

Level 7
I forgot about this thread

Can you tell where to find this "Turn off fast start up in power settings" please?

I dont seem to be able to find that option in the Windows 10 power settings on my PC.


Volume control and sound function(headphone) is still not working.

ROGKANG wrote:
Volume control and sound function(headphone) is still not working.

Which firmware version are you running?
I have an Maximus VIII Hero Alpha board and Windows 10 Pro with Front Base driver 1.01.17 installed and firmware V48 on the Base Panel. All is working correctly (albeit I cannot remove power completely from the motherboard without losing the audio function, after which I have to manually restore it).