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Rog Front Base mounting ideas

Level 7
Hey guys,

So i really want to get the rog front base, only problem is that my case is a corsair air 540 which as you probably know has the 5 1/4 inch bays mounted vertically. This means that to mount it as its supposed to be mounted i am either going to have to live with it being vertical or lay my case on its side, i am a bit reluctant to go with both of these options. So basically my question is this: Has anybody got any ideas, suggestions or examples of good places to mount the front base? i am aware that it will probably involve cutting up parts of my case but so far i just cant decide where is best for this.

All ideas are welcome 🙂

Level 8
what about making an enclosure and placing it on top of your case or removing one of the fans in the front and making a cut-out to the grill - sorry that's all I've got

Maybe PM one of the case modding crew to see what they say?