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ROG Front Base CPU frequency

Level 7
Hi, the front base did not show the update CPU frequency with hero 7 in window, it only show the max frequency when boot up, can anyone help :confused:

Cpu temp and fans rpm a work fine

i7 4790k
window 7 64
ROG Front base V40

Level 7
Try reseating your cables. Same happened to me.

Hi cdcbr3, can you pls provide ur MB bios version , front base driver #?

MB 1505
FB, latest available from Website
not sure the # as I am currently at work

MB1505? i think u not using M7H:o

I have same problem specs below

M/B - Asus Maximus VII Gene
BIOS - 1505
All default settings
Front base is the new one with sticker on back not sure how to check which version I have or how to update?? I did try something but I don't think it worked

Hi, anyone can help?

Level 40
I have bumped this up to HQ as soon as I have information I will post on the forum.
To help us help you - please provide as much information about your system and the problem as possible.

HiVizMan wrote:
I have bumped this up to HQ as soon as I have information I will post on the forum.

Oh i can't wait for news as i am also ordering the Front Base. Another thing that is kind of bugging me is that it seems near impossible to get lonnger cables for the unit here in Denmark. It almost seems as if this product was not designed for neat and tidy cases. Wich is weird when you look at the great design of the front and keep in mind that it is an ROG labelled product. I am still ordering since i am in love with the design and specs, but since i am also ordering the M7H and a 4690K and have read that many people out there have some sort of issues with that constalation i am hoping for fixes before i actually get the parts.

Cheers Marcus

I actually ended up using my OC Panel cable in the end as it was a better fit and appeared to be slightly longer.
If you have one, give it a try. I believe they are the same pinouts.