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RIVBE, Asus Hyper M.2, SM951

Level 10
I have the Samsung SM951 256GB ACHI version mounted in the Asus Hyper M.2 adapter, in my Rampage VI Black Edition motherboard.

no matter what options i try, i cannot get the drive to show up in BIOS.

I'm at a loss...

Watercooling FTW :cool:

"essentially one of the most hardcore overclocking motherboards ever made."

Level 10
From what I understand this M.2 SSD is designed for Z97 chipset or later boards, so that's probably why it isn't working.

Even if you use an adapter you have to have a compatible UEFI BIOS for the SSD to be detected. A lot of people using older boards were also not able to get this to show up in BIOS.

Here's a product review article that mentions about this issue:

Level 7
Hi , please see this video , -->

The drive is not visable straight away in the BIOS , disabling the CSM module Windows will read and utilize the M.2-specific UEFI driver. You must use a UEFI Bootable version of Windows. Your Windows DVD won’t work unless you’ve created a UEFI Bootable DVD.

M.2 AHCI SSDs do not appear within the BIOS until Windows creates the system partition with the EFI Boot Sector.

Level 10
Update if anybody should see this thread;

the M.2 SSD's only work if they have the OP ROM on-board, which is not the case for the SM951, NVME or ACHI.

Though i found some NVME drivers extracted from X99 and Z97 bios', which can be found here:

and this tutorial, for how to do it:

I have modded my own bios, which have been working fine for 2 years. PM me if anybody is interested.

Watercooling FTW :cool:

"essentially one of the most hardcore overclocking motherboards ever made."

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