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Raidr SSD sometimes disapear in Bios

Level 7
Hi Guys

I'm using:
- P6T deluxe with the latest Bios
- 8 GB DDR3
- i7 920
- Windows 7 x64
- AMD HD 5800
- Raidr SSD (with Windows on it)
- SSD Samsung 840 EVO (for data)
- Bios: set as AHCI (I dont know if I have to make any other importants setting.)

Sometimes when I install Updates from Windows, it occurs that the Raidr SSD disapears in Bios.
It happens also in other conditions. (For example when I used ROG Raidr Tweakit)
The boot order switch to the Samsung 840 EVO and the DVD (sata), because the Raidr isn't recognized anymore.
As the windows is installed on the Raidr the computer doesnt boot anymore.
In that case I have to turn on and off several times the computer and go into the BIOS.
After a few attempts to restart the computer and to log into the Bios, suddenly the ROG Raidr is back and recognized by the bios.

Any ideas?

Thanks for you help. 🙂

Level 8

To what is the RaidR switched ( DuoMode ) and are you using UEFI-boot - have you set it up when installing Windows as shown in the setup guide

Hi Dean017

My Motherboard don't support UEFI-Boot. The configuration of the SSD should be correct.
If it weren't correct the OS wouldn't start.

As I understood it was a heat problem.
The SSD became to hot because it was in an edge of the Computercase.
So when it was to hot it didn't start.
I installed a few new fans and since then I never had the problem anymore.

Thanks for your help.