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RAID SSD No longer detected!!!

Level 7
I have been using my Raid SSD since October 2013 and since all of the firmware updates it has been working perfectly with no issues. MY OS is installed onto my SSD. It ran flawlessly until today. I turned on my pc and for some reason it boots directly to BIOS and my drive isn't being detected. How can this happen? Has my SSD died? I use Maximus VI Extreme MOBO. The SSD is getting power identified by the lights turning on. I use it in UEFI mode. I have no idea how to fix this. I've tried reinstalling windows to see if it detects it through installation process and it doesn't. I've installed the SSD into various Inputs to see if one of my pci inputs have gone bad and its not that. Any suggestions?

Level 15
Try another PCIE slot, or another PC. If no detection then it's RMA time sorry.