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Problem with driver rog front base !!!

Level 7
Hi guys, i have a problem !

When i try to install drivers of my controller, i have a messagge: " Fail To Install IO Driver" .. so the process don't work.

I have restore my SO , before of this the ROG Front Base worked fine.

My BIOS is at last version and all drivers ( from the site asus ) are compatible.

How can i fix this problem?!

Thank u all

Renikz wrote:
Motherboard - ROG STRIX Z270E GAMING
CPU - i7 7700K
AI Suite 3 version - 3.00.13
DIP 5 version - 1.05.13
FrontBase firmware - V57
FrontBase driver - 1.01.28
ROG Connect Plus - 1.00.32
win 10 1709
the problem remains

You've not mentioned the version of BIOS you're currently running? It's there an update for it?
I basically uninstalled everything and started from scratch with mine. In the following order....

  • BIOS update
  • FrontBase driver
  • FrontBase firmware (re-flashed just for the sake of it)
  • ROG Connect
  • Audio suite (Sonic Studio)

From memory I think the clock and fan speeds started to work after updating the firmware. The audio section of the display and the ability to change speaker volume and fan speeds only came after installing ROG connect.

Level 7

Level 9
That's currently the most up to date.
Only thing I can suggest is uninstalling the drivers, FrontBase, ROG Connect and possibly Sonic Studio and then try reinstalling.
Past that I think you will need to report the problem to ASUS Tech support to make them aware that there is still an issue following the Windows update. Good luck with that though!!

Level 7
reinstalling drivers and software already was. on older versions of Windows has worked, error after upgrade on 1703. Coordinates where to go can you tell?

Level 9
As a very last resort you could try a full CMOS reset (I believe it does more than the"reset to defaults" BIOS option). But be warned you will lose any overclock settings etc.
If that still doesn't work, which to be honest I'm not very hopeful it will, then your next best option is to contact your local ASUS Tech support and raise a help desk ticket.

Most of the responses that you'll get here are from fellow users that have also experienced problems using the FrontBase. You rarely get a moderator assisting with FrontBase questions as I believe a bit of black magic is required and a great deal of luck or persistence to get a fully functional FrontBase working with the latest couple of generations of ASUS motherboards. Of course this is just me expressing my own personal opinion on the matter, I'm sure there are plenty of working FrontBases out there, somewhere?

Level 7
Developers can check and guarantee work on Mat z270 and Windows 10 1703??