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Goodbye old friend - RAIDr

Level 9

We'd been together for over a decade and enjoyed billions of bytes between us but alas I see your time is coming to an end. In a strange way, I'll actually miss your quirky TRIM that had to be run manually via Task Scheduler. Lately though, I've found it increasingly hard to wake you during POST and you sometimes pause as if your thinking about something a million miles away when I ask you to do something for me. I'm worried that you might just leave suddenly with no explanation. I know that I just wouldn't handle that well. 😢


I've replaced you with a shiny new SSD that moves soooo much faster and doesn't need special handling just to perform routine TRIMing.  Geez, it's just basic self-health management. I mean, really! Why was that such a big deal for you? Sheesh. 😖

Anyway, I still have all the memories and I'm grateful for that. 😎


Your too hot, baby!Your too hot, baby!