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Can I do raid with M.2 mini card + m.2 hyper kit + another hyper kit on the mobo?

Level 7
Hello everyone, is it possible to do a raid configuration of 2-3 drivers, lets say intel 750 ssd's internal version for example,
2 m.2 mini cards w/hyper kit attached to it along with another hyper kit on the mother board itself??

Because since there is one slot for the m.2 on the motherboard, figured if you used an m.2 mini card alogn with the hyper kit and put them in raid,
I don't see a problem.

Have anyone done this method before???????

Level 7
Something like this:

But instead of the SSD CARD itself, use the asus mini card+the hyper adapter kit.

Ok, Nm, looks like someone has already done it and it works.

Wow, surprised no replies on here and other two forums, well thanks for viewing, looks like it works.

This Guy ain't using the hyper adapter kit though, but it should still work.

Level 14
Some of ASUS Z-170 boards can, but most can't, a trade off of what the pcie lanes are allocated for, if this is an option you want make sure before you make your purchase, you may loose the use of some SATA ports and pcieX1 slots when you raid these cards, plus if you read reviews there just isn't much real world gains in speed raiding these fast drives but fun for sure