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Samsung 960 pro LATE!!!

Is it just me or are there other folks that did a preorder and haven't seen a thing yet. I ordered the minute they were available for preorder, 2x 512GB to put in a raid 0 array. First I get an email saying the date had been pushed back to Nov 1 then...

ROG Front Base CPU FAN & OPT CPU FAN Error

Hello,I have a Asus Rog Front Base since 1 year.. (It's a version with Sticker V44) The last year I have a lot of problems for intall This Panel.. But Finally it works with all his fuctions (Windows 10).Yesterday I Spent a lot of Hours install it bec...

Nextgeo by Level 7
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rog front base installation

hello, have some doubt about how to connect front base, it is necessary to connect the sata cable? because i dont connect it and all work flawlessly just with audio and ext cable on a z170 hero, is it normal?

FrontBase Fan Control

I guess I'm one of the lucky ones in that I actually have a semi-working FrontBase!The CPU temp displays a temperature (not always the exact temperature), the CPU frequency is usually about right (but this too displays what it feels like when overclo...

Raidr - just crashed

HeyMust say this is the first time i've had an SSD crash and even a ROG RAIDR, thought you used the best components? or are you new to storage devices?Here is what happened.Got home from work and started my PC and it wouldnt load the OS, after a whil...

Jomsdk by Level 7
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How To Update OC Panel II Firmware?

Hello R.O.G memberAsus Got already release an update for OC Panel II few months ago,OC Panel IIFirmware 0107 for OC Panel II. https://www.asus.com/nl/Motherboards/MAXIMUS-VIII-EXTREME/HelpDesk_Download/ But Got No Idea How I can update There is only...

Asus RAIDR Windows Install Headaches

Hello everyone! o/ I'm in a bit of an odd position looking for some help to get my build working properly. I have recently purchased a PC through Ebay (http://goo.gl/qjPScX) and have moved the video cards from my current PC over (dual GTX980 STRIX) a...

wabniky by Level 7
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RAIDr v2?

Any news or rumors on a next gen RAIDr?Looking for 2x M.2 slots and an on-board RAID 1/0 controller. Maybe "Pro" version having 4x M.2 slots (with Raid 10 as an option).NVMe a must but must also support AHCI for backwards compatibility (if possible)...

Asus ROG Front Base not showing CPU Fan Speed

Hello.Recently I've bought a Asus z170 Pro Gaming and came with a ROG Front base offer, I've been trying for hours to get it working correctly, I've tried all the versions available on the site, with and without ROG connect plus, HWmonitor and Al sui...

jmlt8 by Level 7
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