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Newb Alert! Question about Uefi Video Card.

My motherboard is uefi, but my video card, while nice, is not. Do I have to run in Legacy mode? I got that impression in something I read on the forum. Sorry if it is too newby!Thanks!

flashpop by Level 7
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raidr express firmware update

Downloaded the firmware installed it on a usb bootable stick, followed the instructions and all is OK, no dara loss at all. Nice work here.

Asus rog raidr speed problem

Hello I have a problem with my asus rog raidr, It is a very nice product, very easy to install and works quite fast.But I checked my sequential speed for read and writes on "CrystalDiskMark" and it doesn't go as high as it should go. I have the 240 g...


RAIDR Express problems!

Hello guys!Yesterday, i've started to see some problems with my RAIDR. Started with, when i rebooted my PC the RAIDR disappeard from UEFI and i could not boot it. When im turning off the computer fully and then start it again, the RAIDR shows up agai...

arnamide by Level 7
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Gene IV and new bios problem

Hi all...Asus Rampage gene IV and new bios 4601,RaidR Express not detected in uefi mode.Asus Ramapage gene IV and old bios 4403,detected and no problem.

RAIDR Express Using Lots Of RAM

I just got a RAIDR Express to improve the performance of my photoshop scratch disk and very large lightroom catalog. The OS and programs are on 2 other ssds in RAID, so I thought it would be essentially plug and play, but it took many hours and a few...

lynn9544 by Level 7
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RaidR Express Advice For A Newb!

So I have some questions for the pros about the proper install of the RaidR. The instructions it came with suck so Ive looked through most of the RaidR threads on the forums but am still confused as how I should do the install. First off my original...

Stogie by Level 7
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need help :)

Hi everybody,need some help...i am using maximus formula 3(LGA1156),and the problem is that the card reaches maximum 375MB/s on PCIx 16x third slot...i have tried before using PCIx slot 1 or 2 but there the system didnt recognize the hardware?!Did an...

NAS Solution

Does anyone know of a PCIe network interface that might work with the RAIDR? I'd like to replace my SSD RAID NAS with something faster like this!:D

MG00711 by Level 7
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