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RAIDR Express and SLI

Hello ROGer's, I started this thread because one of our ROG members is doing a build with the RAIDR Express and SLIing two GTX 780's. I saw a review on Newegg that someone said the RAIDR Express keeps your machine from recognizing SLI and w...

Nate152 by Moderator
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Front base figures not working

Maximus Ranger vii, bios 1104Front base v4After updating the bios to 1104 the cpu frequency is stuck at zero, and the fan speeds are completely wrong (showing 0076,whereas AI Suite is showing 0760 for cpu 1). I can no longer get into edit mode, and i...

ashbash by Level 7
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Laptop bag for G75VX

I Just got my G75VX. After setting up the beast, I realised I have no way of carrying it around as its massive. I found this bag:http://www.nmicrovip.ca/asus-carrying-case-rog-17-3-nylon-black-15g180311700-new/But I'm not sure if it would do. When I ...

HDG88 by Level 7
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Front Base request

When my desktop powers down, the frontbase doesnt turn off.If I power it just with sata cable and no connect cable, when the PC shuts down, the Frontbase goes off and on when the PC is turned on again.Can we get a Bios change or setting we can use to...

cdcbr3 by Level 7
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RAIDR Express partition

While installing Windows 7 the RAIDR Express is split in 2 partitionsit must be 1 partition ! how to do that ?note: The RAIDR Express is in UEFI mode

Front Base firmware update fails

Hi,If I download the Front Base driver package (V10106) from the Asus site and try to update the firmware, the updater tells me that the firmware file is corrupt Any ideas?

back to windows 8

hello all, first let me apologize, i am not sure if i am in the right thread. my os is on my ssd along with my drivers and all my games are on a separate hard drive and i want to go back to windows 8 from windows 7 64 bit home premium. i know i need...

RAID SSD No longer detected!!!

I have been using my Raid SSD since October 2013 and since all of the firmware updates it has been working perfectly with no issues. MY OS is installed onto my SSD. It ran flawlessly until today. I turned on my pc and for some reason it boots dire...

SypherX by Level 7
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