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ASUS ROG RAIDR Express PCIe SSD Windows 10 Magni Driver...

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Will Asus or Marvell be releasing a Windows 10 version of the Marvell Magni Driver for the RAIDR Express?

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Same question

I don't think there will be. By the looks of it, the drive first of all is not that easy to come by any more. From the website, there have been no updates for over a year. Maybe more. Just by the website it almost seems as if the drive is at the end of development stage. I really don't think anything more is being done with the device. I have installed Windows 10 and it seems to work fine with it. You will have an unknown device show in Devices which I believe is this, but other then that it seems to work just fine. But I would not expect anything soon for this device. I think its pretty much a dead product by now.

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pauljosephserna wrote:
Will Asus or Marvell be releasing a Windows 10 version of the Marvell Magni Driver for the RAIDR Express?

While there will most definitely not be a windows 10 version of the driver, there has been a lot of information out on the net saying that this drive WILL NOT work with windows 10. That information is false and the RAIDR SSDs do work with Windows 10 as long as they are set up the correct way. I put together an instructional video and step by step guide on how to install windows 10 on the RAIDR SSDs.

ASUS RAIDR Express Windows 10 Installation Tutorial
• Motherboard Bios Changes
o In motherboard BIOS set CSM to enabled
o In motherboard BIOS set Secure Boot to option “Other OS”
o Exit and save
• Turn computer off, move switch on back of RAIDR to “DUOmode”
• Insert Windows 10 installation USB stick into motherboard (.ISO file available from Microsoft official website)
• Turn computer on and let the computer boot into the windows 10 installation screens
• Follow installation screens – enter your windows key, choose “Custom” not upgrade, and when you get to the screen that shows your drives, select the RAIDR drive and click “New” to partition the drive. *IMPORTANT* do not select the drive and then click next right away, you must click “New” !
• Once the drive is partitioned from clicking “new” you can select the largest partition of the RAIDR drive and click next.
• When the installation completes 100% and windows is asking what language you want, you can now restart the computer and enter BIOS.
• In Bios you can change CSM to disabled and Secure boot to “Windows UEFI Mode”, save and exit.
• Turn the computer off, move the switch on the back of the RAIDR to UEFI mode, a little LED light will light up.
• Turn the computer on, follow the windows set up screens.
• You are done!

Hello . And good mood to all. I have this disk working with windows 10 on rampage iv extreme and there are no problems. Also, installation takes place without any manipulation of the BIOS default settings f5-f10 - motherboard (RIVE) , in uefi mode .And now I want to say about the Marvell console driver in Windows 10: on the website of asus x79 deluxe (driver windows 10) there is an official driver for 88se9230, the same controller is built into this Board . Works perfectly-I checked . If suddenly Windows defines our disk as hdd start the command line as administrator and execute alternately commands : (fsutil behavior query disabledeletenotify ; winsat diskformal), after that everything should be defined normally . And now I have a small request, maybe someone can help me : does anyone have an original backup of the firmware of our disk, namely- was supplied with our disk from the factory, both uefi and legacy ? The huge request to help out .