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ASUS Rog Front Base compatibility.

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I am delighted with the features it offers and the instant information that gives this front at a glance in my Maximus VIII Hero, is super useful, I can not imagine the future without it, has a stunning design very functional and difficult to overcome, we would love to a large Community of Gamers that will not be forgotten and will include the full compatibility of this stunning frontal on future ROG motherboards.


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Exposed the subject I would like that this thread would serve so that Asus knows the support that we have the users to this stunning Front Base, and we could vote all that we are interested in that they continue giving support for the current motherboard that is already and for the future with a "I like it", because when something is well done, why leave it? What do you think?

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So that:

I like it

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Let's go people, let's like it.

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Come on folks, let's show our support in some way.

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13900KS / 8000 CAS36 / ROG APEX Z790 / ROG TUF RTX 4090

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Come on, let's give some support to continue supporting this Rog Front Base, or a possible new candidate.

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Hello everybody 🙂
My new PC just assembled yesterday with following configuration:
- ASUS ROG Crosshair VII Hero
- AMD Ryzen 7 2700X
- 2x16GB HyperX DDR4 2666
- Crucial MX500 500GB
- WD Blue 1TB 2.5" (I bought it for my dad laptop but after he decided to pass on ssd so I "recycled" it in my new configuration because is new)
- CoolerMaster Nepton 280L
- MSI GeForce GTX 960 OC Gaming 4Gb (I know that's old and not Asus but at the moment I can't change it)
- PSU Seasonic Prime Titanium 1000W
Everything inside a CoolerMaster HAF XB EVO.
Anybody know if the old ROG front base have a minimum compatibility with the Crosshair VII Hero? Somebody tried to connect it? I've found one never installed (shop exposition) for a cheap price. For me could be enough that works screen information about cpu temp, fan speed (cpu/cpu_opt) and maybe aio speed (only for check that pump rpm are stable and works 100%).
Thank you in advance 🙂

Last I heard the Crosshair VI/VII didn't have firmware for it and it didn't sound like Asus was going to develop it. I think it may have been here in the forums a couple people were able to get it to run but at the risk of bricking their board if the install failed. I like that product so if you come across support for it please post. in the meantime I use system reporting displayed on my G19-s keyboard lcd and monitor power draw with a kill-a-watt meter at the wall outlet (I'm an idiot so there are probably better ways...)