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Asus RAIDR Windows Install Headaches

Level 7
Hello everyone! o/

I'm in a bit of an odd position looking for some help to get my build working properly. I have recently purchased a PC through Ebay ( and have moved the video cards from my current PC over (dual GTX980 STRIX) and the RAIDR to the new system and attempted all possible ways to install Windows.
I've come across a few different errors so far from the windows install having missing components to having the install fail outright with a BSOD.

I am attempting to install windows to the RAIDR, with it pre-configured to a raid-0 setup from the legacy BIOS. The RAIDR is still in legacy mode and when Windows DOES decide to let me look at the install screen, it says that it cannot install to this drive.

I know of the limitation for SATA drives in a legacy BIOS setting being landlocked to the system they are installed to but I'm not sure if the issue would carry over here as this is a PCIe device. (I'll be testing this after work, but I have my doubts)

The other thing I should take into consideration if my tests don't work is that I don't remember if I have updates the firmware to either the motherboard or to the RAIDR.... This would be my next venture.

Not sure if it matters at this point but the only thing not directly listed by either the Ebay link or this post is the PCIe configuration. The EVGA SR-2 has 7 lanes and is currently configured like this;

Lane 1: RAIDR
Lane 2: GTX 980 STRIX
Lane 3: None (Because dual slot GPU)
Lane 4: Some USB 3.0 card
Lane 5: GTX 980 STRIX
Lane 6: None (Because dual slot GPU)
Lane 7: None (maybe eventually a raid card)

Any input on this is greatly appreciated.


Level 7
BIOS kept setting the boot disk to the hard drive from the last system... it would try to boot to it because it had recovery information on it. Set to boot to the Windows installer USB and it worked perfectly.